Moonshine projects

Personal side projects made for fun

Simple static web site for my little brewery - Fabrika piva.
Simple web based marketing solution for designing and printing coupons and ads on your receipts.
Protect ASP.NET MVC API with JWT bearer and refresh tokens using Identity Core and Entity Framework Core.
Visual Studio extension for viewing base64 encoded string in debug mode.
Helping turists to Slovenia select the right vignette for cruising motorways.
Simple blockchain implementation in a few lines of c# code.
Give a name to an universally unique identifier and share it with the world. Leave no GUID without a name!
GiveScan from WIA or TWAIN compatible scanner from .NET code (C#, VB.NET, ...) with few lines of code.
This simple game in a form of a chrome extension is a result of a programmer with a newborn and a tablet PC :)
There are many articles across web explaining how to access web camera. My version shows the simplest approach possible.
By far the simplest way of detecting faces on images.
The simplest solution for storing web form data into database.