Wow, a whole page about me!

Hi, I am Dejan Mauer, biometric expert, project manager, IT enthusiast and beer brewer.

They say I'm an excellent project manager and an expert in the field of biometrics. Others know me as an IT enthusiast and beer brewer. With more than two decades in the business and dozens of projects successfully completed, they must be right. I enjoy tinkering with computer code as much as I enjoy brewing craft beer.



Fingerprint, face, iris, signature, WSQ, USK, NFIQ, ISO and ICAO standards

AFIS systems

Automated biometric identification systems

.NET Development

Desktop, Web, Mobile, C#, VB.NET

EU biometric systems



WebServices, REST, XML, JSON

National Documents

Biometric passport, eID, eHealth.


Software Development

Web, Mobile, Hybrid

Beer Brewing

and drinking


where typography and simplicity meet

Loyalty Systems

cards, coupons, vauchers and rewards

SmartCards and RFID

Security and useability.

Current Experiences

CENT SI d.o.o.

Co-owner, independed biometric expert and team leader

With over two decades of hands-on experience in the IT industry, I am proud to be recognized as an excellent independent biometric expert and an exceptional team leader. Having successfully delivered dozens of international projects, I am equally passionate about crafting biometric and smart document related projects as well as brewing craft beers.


Brewer, Quality Assurance

I'm a passionate brewer at my small brewery, where I craft unique beers and ensure their quality by tasting each batch. I also handle the marketing, sharing my love for great beer with others.


From trainer to consultant

Kompas Xnet - trainer and developer
CETIS d.o.o. - project manager
eu-LISA - biometric expert

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